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Bloomingdales is one of the best known department stores in the United States and has been for over one hundred and fifty years. It sells high end products across a range of different departments. The store in New York is the best known but they operate in a number of other states as well.

Bloomingdales is like no other store in the world offering a unique retailing experience. It has been referred to as the retailing theatre in some of the worlds most influential magazines. Thus Bloomingdales has gathered a international reputation for their unique merchandise and services becoming a hot tourist destination. The International Customer will have unique needs that will have to be catered too in order to achieve return business and new clientele.

World wide there is over 200 different languages spoken. Thus there are vast differences among nations as to the languages commonly spoken. Even within nations there is often diversity as to the languages spoken. For example Canada (English and French) India ( Hindi and English) Japan ( Japanese English and Korean)  have two or more official languages.